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About BbPitch

What is BbPitch

BbPitch is a web service where we collect and present sheet music for big band and jazz ensemble. Our ambition is to present most available charts for big band, within all genres (such as classics, hits and pop, soul, jazz, Latin etc), vocal and non-vocal, covering all difficulty levels. You'll find big band sheet music from the major publishers alongside charts from smaller players, and we are working to include more every day. When available, we also present enriched data, such as excerpts of scores and parts, descriptions, and audio samples (i.e. mp3)
BbPitch is a service for big band enthusiasts looking for inspiration or renewal of their repertoire. Jazz Ensemble or instructors/leaders can also use BbPitch to search for and find a specific track, based on the requests of either the musicians or the audience

How BbPitch works

It's not very complicated to use to use, you enter you search criteria and get the results. If you want to consider a purchase, you click on the chart image and you are forwarded to a publisher or dealer.

There's no magic in how it works in the back end either, our little web crawler does the trick of collecting the necessary data for you. Below is a schematic overview of how it all works :

how it works

Terms of Service

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