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Welcome to BbPitch

Your portfolio of sheet music is what defines your big band or jazz ensemble. Finding the music that pleases both your musicians and your audience is a valuable and rare skill.

What's your big bands unique pitch ? Dance music, jazz, swing or pop? Vocal or instrumental ? This is worth some thought, reflection and discussion among you and your fellow musicians. When you have defined your profile, the challenge of finding the right charts is the crucial next step. Finding arrangements that's coherent with your style, instrumental setup and skill level might however prove difficult, if you don't know where to go.


In essence, wants to be the place to go when you need to search for big band sheet music. There are a number of places on the internet where you can find sheet music, but that's part of the problem. There's no single place where you can find it all, where you can get a good overview of what's available. Google is helpful, but is not optimized for big bands looking for a repertoire refreshment. Some sites or stores have massive collections, but proves difficult to work with for a jazz ensemble searching for the needle in the hay stack.

BbPitch has the ambition to present the best catalogue of quality charts for big band and jazz ensembles on the net. We do that by crawling the Web for big band sites, and structuring and aligning the information for presentation on BbPitch. We focus only on the classical big band/jazz ensemble instrumental setup (5 trumpets/5 saxophones/5 trombones/4 rhythm), and with that approach we hope to provide a simplicity of chart search still unprecedented on the net.

Welcome to BbPitch, we hope you will find it as useful and valuable to your musical ambitions as we do.

The big publishers

Did you think that big band sheet music was not available on the internet ? Much of the traditional big band music might be originating from the last century, but if you think that this also goes for the distribution methods, you are dead wrong.

The big publishers have taken the steps to offer their huge collections of big band charts, transcriptions and arrangements on the web, and much of the music are also available through web shop resellers. There's no doubt that there are variations in quality, both in terms of presentation and content/information available, but still ; it is now truly possible to search the web for quality sheet music for jazz ensemble.

BbPitch also has the ambition to present big band arrangements from lesser known publishers and arrangers, but our foundation is the groundwork laid down by the major publishers. In our search engine you will have access to the charts from big brands like :

  • Hal Leonard
  • Kendor
  • Alfred
  • C.L.Barnhouse
  • London Orchestrations
  • Powerhouse Orchestrations
  • Lush Life Music
  • Walrus
  • ... and many more.

    The uniqueness of BbPitch is that you find everything from these major players alongside quality material from the smaller publishers. You will be surprised by the completeness of available music charts. If you are still doubting, give it a try on for instance a big band classic like 'Cute', I think you will find some 10 different arrangements for jazz ensemble just on this particular track.

    You should also try a search on artists like Queen, Abba or Michael Jackson, just to get a feel for the depth of big band charts availability also on the modern classics.

    Searching for sheet music and arrangements for big band has never been easier.